Hey there, I'm Kara

“The truth is, like all of the most precious parts of my life, I kind of stumbled into photography”

I’m a homeschool mom of four very busy boys.  Most days feel like I’m the ringleader in the circus I never really signed up for and I can’t remember the last time I actually got to eat my food while it’s still hot, or cold, or whatever temperature it was supposed to be.  I live in a lot of chaos and it can feel like too much a lot of the time, but the truth is I love it.  I love being a mother and helping my babies experience all that it is to be human.   I stumbled into photography hoping to hold on to some of those precious moments in my own life. 

“I feel this calling stirring inside of me, to share my divinely given talents, to delight and uplift those around me.  

I seek and pray to live up to this commission.

As a mother Kara is intentional, strong, and fiercely protective—as all mommas should be. As a friend she is loyal, genuine, and thoughtful. As a wife she is supportive, loving, and connected.

As a photographer, she is detail oriented, inspired, and uniquely creative. She captures the emotions and people as they are in all stages, in all varieties, and showcases their wonderful individuality.

Her nature, above all else, is diligent. In all her many roles, she cares immensely and takes great care in getting a job done.

Katie Tall