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I’m Kara Inzunza

I’m so honored you’re here

I am a mother of three precious, but busy, boys.  I am so blessed to spend most of my time with them.  I hope to instill in them the courage to go for their dreams, integrity even when no one is looking and most of all, the propensity to love life no matter what it brings. 

My dream is to use my artistic gifts to bless and uplift each person I meet. 

Because for me, photography is capturing those perfectly, imperfect moments and turning it into priceless art that touches your heart and adorns your home.

Session details

peek into a session with me

After years of experience, I  have learned how to create a safe space for my clients to feel comfortable and be themselves.  Rather than just standing and posing for the camera, I gently guide and direct you and your loved ones through some of your favorite past times and activities. You can expect a perfect mix of both looking at the camera photos and candid photos.  And best of all, you can expect to have fun.  

Every shoot I do is unique, because every family is unique.  But amidst the gentle guidance I provide, you can expect to make lasting memories with the people you love.

Some of my shoots have included grand babies listening to grandma tell a story passed down for generations, the family singing the original verses a kiddo has made up to wheels on the bus, cousin dance parties on the top of a mountain and littles playing ring around the rosies.  In your session with me you can expect to celebrate your family’s love and real life.

Family Packages

Extended Family Session


Capturing the dynamics of a whole family is such a fun and priceless experience.  Plan on up to 1.5 hours to fit in all the memories possible. 

(For groups or families of 8+) 

Large extended family group at Silver Lake Utah

family session


Let’s document the stage of life you are in right now, because everything changes too fast.  Plan on up to an hour to capture all of those perfect little moments.  

portrait session


There’s so many milestones in life to be celebrated, from first birthdays to graduations, I’ve got you covered.  Plan on up to 45 minutes for your session.  

(This session is for 1 person)

Blooming poppies surround the graduating senior dressed in denim and a v-neck

Delivery and Prints

handcrafted albums are the perfect way to relive your memories over and over


Once the date of your shoot comes and goes, the beauty and joy isn’t forgotten.  I provide one on one assistance for all my clients in selecting and printing your favorite moments.  I pray these images become a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation. 

A few weeks after your shoot you can expect to receive all of your edited images in an online gallery with rights to print them anywhere you choose.  (I send you all of your images from the session, because I would hate for you to miss a single moment.)  In the same gallery you also have access to my online store.  I have personally verified the quality and curated every item in my store.  I promise you won’t find anything like it anywhere else locally or online.  



Matte Prints

4×6: 2
5×7: 3
8×10: 6
11×14: 9
12×18: 19
20×24: 42

Wood Framed Prints

8×10: 49
11×14: 52
12×18: 63
20×24: 105

Fine Art Prints

4×6: 8
5×7: 13
8×10: 26
11×14: 46
12×18: 57
20×24: 101


20 page 10×10 album

Linen: 140
Velvet: 350
Leather: 360

(The pricing above includes just some of the sizing and product options found in my store.) 

frequently asked questions

How can a family photography session be stress free?

One of the most frequent things I hear moms say is “family pictures are so stressful.”  Not the way I do them.  I try to take the time spent stressing out of the experience by helping to guide you through the potential stressors.  The first thing you receive upon booking your session with me is a session planning guide full of all the information and tips you need to make your session anything but stressful.  I am available for consult every step of the way.  Family pictures should be about making memories with the people you love, not about adding more stress to your already busy life.  

How do you achieve candid, genuine photos?

After years of experience, I  have learned how to create a safe space for my clients to feel comfortable and be themselves.  I gently guide and direct you and your loved ones through some of your favorite past times and activities.  Through the process we capture those moments that mean the most to you.

What if I'm not Photogenic?

You are beautiful!  And even if you don’t feel that way, the love you have for your family is beautiful.  I have helped countless other clients, who have made this same statement, create gorgeous images who highlight who they are.  I realize that some of us feel more self conscious than others or have had less than enjoyable experiences in the past with professional photos.  But I am confident that through gentle guidance, attention to detail and years of experience I can help  you feel beautiful and capture those moments that mean the most. 

HOw long is a typical session?

For a full session you can expect around an hour.  Every session and family is different, but generally speaking we get a smiling, everyone looking at the camera picture at the beginning and then we just make memories and enjoy time together as a family.  I follow your lead on the amount of time you want captured.  For newborns typically plan on at least an hour to an hour and a half to allow for flexibility to capture all of those special moments between baby’s needs.  

what if my littles never sit still or look at the camera? | what if my family members typically don't like pictures?

I absolutely love what I do and I am so excited to work with you!  Excitement is contagious and if you are excited about the experience others will get excited too.  Once you arrive at the session, your work is done. From there I am happy to be your guide and help difficult kiddos, grumpy babies or reluctant spouses enjoy their time together as a family.  Often there are mishaps, that is part of real life, but it is nothing to worry about.  I have found some of the most beautiful images have come from a mom, comforting her sweet little one or family laughing over something unexpected.  Don’t worry about having everything perfect.  Life isn’t perfect, it’s a journey, and there is joy to be found in the journey.  Together we can focus on that joy and document the part of your journey that you currently find yourself in.  

DO you offer mini sessions?

I believe that every family should have images in their home that portray their beauty and love, regardless of their budget.  To catering to the needs of all my clients, mini sessions are offered occasionally.  If you would like to be the first to know about mini session dates, please join my email list.  

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Kids play ring around the rosies around mom and dad, wearing tan, white, blue and rust tones.

thank you

Your family is everything and I am so touched that you would trust me with the most important part of your life.  I can’t wait to capture your memories.